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5 most viewed MoymoyPalaboy videos

YouTube Review

Following are the five most viewed YouTube videos of MoymoyPalaboy as of January 24, 2009, 2343 GMT:

1.     Marimar (Thalía)  5,221,757 views

         Posted: June 16, 2008        

2.     Wannabe (Spice Girls)  4,870,384 views

         Posted: April 9, 2007

3.     Volare  3,783,980 views

         Posted: August 4, 2007

4.     Girlfriend (Avril Lavigne) — 3,495,049 views

         Posted: June 20, 2007

5.     Papa Oom Mow Mow (Flo Rida)  3,193,713 views

         Posted: June 2, 2007                  



MoymoyPalaboy: And who are these two crazy boys?

Who the hell is Moymoy Palaboy?

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What???!!! No more kinky stuff on YouTube?


YouTube Review

Oh well, not exactly like that. Let’s just say YouTube is doing some house cleaning, trying to get rid of some dirt and sanitize its cyber household.

So you don’t necessarily throw away all your kinky stuff. You just make sure your kids won’t see them.

‘A YouTube for all of us’ is what the video-sharing site wants to achieve.

As a community, we have come to count on each other to be entertained, challenged, and moved by what we watch and share on YouTube,” it says on its blog.

“We’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to make the collective YouTube experience even better, particularly on our most visited pages,” it adds.

And what does that mean exactly?

First, it wants stricter standard for mature content. 

“While videos featuring pornographic images or sex acts are always removed from the site when they’re flagged, we’re tightening the standard for what is considered ‘sexually suggestive’,” says YouTube.

“Videos with sexually suggestive (but not prohibited) content will be age-restricted, which means they’ll be available only to viewers who are 18 or older. To learn more about what constitutes ‘sexually suggestive’ content, click here.”

But you can always lie about your age when you register. Hmmm.

Next, demotion of sexually suggestive content and profanity. 

“Videos that are considered sexually suggestive, or that contain profanity, will be algorithmically demoted on our ‘Most Viewed,’ ‘Top Favorited,’ and other browse pages.”

“In testing, we’ve found that out of the thousands of videos on these pages, only several each day are automatically demoted for being too graphic or explicit. However, those videos are often the ones which end up being repeatedly flagged by the community as being inappropriate.”

Another improvement: more accurate video information. 

“Our Community Guidelines have always prohibited folks from attempting to game view counts by entering misleading information in video descriptions, tags, titles, and other metadata. We remain serious about enforcing these rules.”

So guys, don’t mislead YouTube users by placing tags like “sexy” or “sex scandal” just to boost your view counts. And YouTube has a stern warning: Better shape up or you’ll be shipped out!

Now by doing these changes, YouTube says it hopes to “help ensure that you’re viewing content that’s relevant to you, and not inadvertently coming across content that isn’t.”

“The preservation and improvement of the YouTube experience is a responsibility we share. Let’s work together to ensure that the YouTube community continues to thrive as a positive place for all of us.” 

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President Arroyo hails Pacquiao victory


ABBI CHENG, YouTube Review

President Gloria Arroyo lauded the victory of Filipino boxing icon Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao over Mexican American Oscar “The Golden Boy” de la Hoya in a welterweight bout billed as “The Dream Match” at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada Saturday (Sunday in the Philippines).

“The President and the Filipino people would like to extend our profound congratulations to Manny Pacquiao,” said Malacañang Deputy Spokesperson Lorelei Fajardo in a statement released shortly after the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world beat 10-time world champion De la Hoya.

”His boxing feat is testament to the spirit of the Filipino – our resiliency and strength to face the challenges that come our way,” Fajardo said.

”Pacquiao has proven once again: Magaling ang Pinoy at bayani ang Pinoy!” she said, adding: “Our congratulations, too, to Team Pacquiao. Their commitment to face the challenge of a tough fight has proven that teamwork is a big boost to a collective effort to win a fight.”

“We must as a nation work together as Team Philippines to face the challenges of the world economic downturn,” Fajardo said.

”Filipinos everywhere around the world cheered for Manny who emerged victorious and once again gave glory to our country,” she said.

Pacquiao was declared winner when De la Hoya refused to come out of his corner after he got a flurry of punches from the  reigning WBC Lightweight Champion at the end of the eight round.

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Pacquiao-De la Hoya: What media say about the dream bout


YouTube Review

Here are some news and commentaries on The Dream Match, the much-anticipated battle between boxing celebrities Manny Pacquiao and Oscar de la Hoya:


The Wall Street Journal

Can Pacquiao Beat De La Hoya?

The annals of the sweet science are replete with smaller-vs.-bigger matchups — e.g., Stanley Ketchel vs. Jack Johnson, Billy Conn vs. Joe Louis, and Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Joey Maxim. On Saturday night at the Las Vegas MGM Grand, it will be David and Goliath redux, when Manny Pacquiao (47-3-2; 35 KOs) and Oscar De La Hoya (39-5; 30 KOs) meet at the 147-pound welterweight limit. 


Pray for Pacquiao victory, Arroyo asks Pinoys    

MANILA, PhilippinesOn the eve of Filipino boxing champ Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao’s “dream match” against Oscar de la Hoya, Malacañang asked Filipinos to pray for a Pacquiao victory on Sunday (Manila time).


Manila Standard Today

Pacman tells fans: Pray for me

Philippine boxing icon Manny Pacquiao said he was focused and ready for his weekend “dream match” with American Oscar de la Hoya… “I am focused on the fight. I am ready, I am excited,” he said, adding that he was counting on his legion of fans back home to pray for him.


BBC News

De la Hoya prepared for Pacquiao

Oscar de la Hoya said he had trained for “King Kong” ahead of Saturday’s super-fight with Manny Pacquiao. 


Philippine Daily Inquirer

Pacquiao: ‘Time to make history’

LAS VEGAS—With a smile on his face and a snarl in his voice, Manny Pacquiao shrugged off a weighty issue as he tries to overcome the biggest challenge in his career both for the glory of a nation and for his own share of boxing greatness.


Manila Times

Pacquiao dedicates fight to Filipino people 

LAS VEGAS: All is set for the big fight tonight (Saturday) between boxing superstars Manny Pacquiao and Oscar de la Hoya at the MGM Grand here.


Manila Bulletin

Pacman the great

TOMORROW, when Manny Pacquiao climbs up the ring at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas to meet with the towering boxing icon Oscar De La Hoya, what the world will see is the courage of the Filipino to pursue his dream, however dangerously. 

Military suspends offensives for Pacquiao-Dela Hoya fight

The military will stop its offensives on Sunday to allow soldiers watch the year’s biggest boxing match between their idol Manny Pacquiao and Oscar dela Hoya, Philippine Army spokesman, Lt. Col. Romeo Brawner Jr. said Saturday. 


Los Angeles Times

Oscar De La Hoya will be upstaged

Reporting from Las Vegas — Oscar De La Hoya is a movie star with wrinkles. He is ready for another close-up, but not before he spends some extended time in makeup. 

… Here are five reasons he won’t beat Manny Pacquiao.


Washington Post

De La Hoya: Loss Would Be ‘Total Disaster’

Oscar De La Hoya hasn’t won a significant fight since knocking outFernando Vargas six years ago. At 35, he needs a spectacular performance against an undersized Manny Pacquiao in a 147-pound fight tonight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas if he expects to keep fighting for the huge purses he has been so accustomed to getting every time he steps into the ring.

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MoymoyPalaboy: And who are these two crazy boys?


KARLOS RANSA, YouTube Review

The cyber populace is going gaga over a duo that has become known by the moniker “moymoypalaboy”. A search on Google shows their intercontinental appeal — creating waves in their home Asian region, and making ripple effects in Latin America, North America, Europe, and even in Africa.

MoymoyPalaboy is composed of Filipino siblings James Ronald Obeso, a.k.a. Moymoy, and Rodfil Obeso, a.k.a. Roadfill.

Their biggest hit, Spice Girls’ “Wannabe”, has 3,851,882 views as of this posting. And still counting.

Since they uploaded their debut “single” “Dirty Pop” of Nsynch on March 21, 2007, Moymoy and Roadfill have uploaded 21 videos on YouTube.

But a search of moymoypalaboy on the video sharing site shows 1,360 video results. They include versions made by their inspired fans from across the globe and re-uploaded videos by other enchanted YouTube users.

So they must have extraordinary voice?

Naah! All that all that they do actually is lip-synching.

Just lip-synching? What’s the big fuss?

Moymoy and Roadfill are no ordinary duo doing song parodies.

Oh well, they’re ordinary boys doing unordinary musical stunts, to be more accurate.

So who are these two certified “lunatics”?

Moymoy and Roadfill, like many YouTube afficionados, are just uploading videos on YouTube for fun. Their studio? Their house.

They live in an apartment unit along F.B. Harrison St. in Pasay City, in the capital region of Metro Manila. And that’s where all these madness began. 

“Funny”, “hilarious”, “crazy”, “brilliant” are the common reactions of viewers on their gigs. 

Their life story however may not always be as happy as their music videos.

After a long bout with breast cancer, their mother died in 2006. Moymoy and Roadfill are left in the care of their auntie they fondly call “Mama Auntie.” Her unauthorized appearances in almost all videos (mostly seen in the background while in the kitchen cooking and doing other chores) gave “Mama Auntie” her own legion of YouTube fans.

Interviewed later on TV, she said she didn’t even have a slight idea the camphone recordings of her two “crazy” nephews would be seen by millions of net citizens. Had she known it, she would have asked the two boys to expunge them. Tsk, tsk, too late “Mama Auntie.”

Moymoy and Roadfill are no vagabonds as their YouTube name suggests. Palaboy is a Tagalog term for vagrant.

Roadfill, 22, is a graduate of Business Management at the state-run Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP). He now works as sales representative of telecommunication giant Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co.

Moymoy, a broadcasting major in PUP, quit school to work and help his ailing mother. He would later join Passionista, a local band performing in bars and nightclubs in Manila, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. He turned 25 last July 17.

As they became YouTube sensations, the Obeso brothers joined the largest television network in the Philippines, GMA-7, where they appear in weekly sitcom “Bubble Gang” doing what they know best — music parodies. They also signed a contract with MTV Philippines, where they teach bizarre dance steps.

Not much could be heard about the two. Their official website and social networking sites (Facebook, Friendster, Multiply, Myspace) are tight-lipped as fans crave to know more about them.

Meanwhile on YouTube, people from across the globe viewing their uproarious videos are increasing exponentially. And they are begging for more.

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Who the hell is Moymoy Palaboy?


KARLOS RANSA, YouTube Review

Moymoy what?

“Palaboy,” my brother, as he tries to convince me to see this duo on the web, who is causing a frenzy among net citizens.

“moymoypalaboy. Just one word,” he adds.

A quick search on Google returns 106,000 results!

“No, not on Google. See them on YouTube,” my brother again, a certified YouTube addict who works as some kind of a turtle eggs auditor (or at least that’s my impression as he described to me his international conservation work on Turtle Islands).

Ok. Ok. Hang on.

moymoypalaboy, enter! Oppppps. 1,360 video results!

“Dancing Queen”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Low”.

I clicked on Alicia Keys’ “No One.” Hmmmm. Hehe! That’s cool.

Okay, let me try this one: “Papa omm mow mow.” It’s a 1962 novelty nonsensical doo-wop song by The Rivingtons. Bwahahahaha!!!

And then “Pump it” of Black Eyed Fish (yes, FISH) and “Wannabe” and “The Ordertaker” … Woooooowww!

So that’s what makes the duo a YouTube sensation.

MoymoyPalaboy — two Filipino siblings belting out song parodies on YouTube. The videos are raw. The setting: an apartment unit where the kitchen and dining area can be seen in the background. Nothing glamorous. Nothing grand.

But there’s something in those amateur videos that compels viewers to click on the next. And the next. And the next…

What could that be? None, really.

Only that they’re just being themselves. And having fun. Lots of fun, actually.

Hey wait, there’s something more. Their talent. Their organic talent. Theirs is a gift — raw but not amateurish, calculated yet not canned.

Everything seems fluid, they flow naturally. And when they do, there’ll be a burst of laughter.

Among their gigs, what really brought the house down is their rendition of “Marimar,” the theme song of a popular Mexican telenovela with the same title. As of this posting, it got 3,818,881 views and 6,208 text comments. And still counting.  

“Marimar” and “Volare” made them a big hit in the Spanish-speaking world, especially in Latin America. In fact, reactions from Spanish viewers outnumbered the comments of MoymoyPalaboy’s legion of Filipino fans.

“Ja ja ja ja… Chidos estos weyes… Por lo menos una canción mexicana es conocida por allá… Me encanta la señora detrás… Seguro después les dijo: ‘ya pónganse a limpiar los frijoles para las quesadillas, que hay que pagar el internet’… Saludos,” says a comment of YouTube viewer Atahsacv.

(I think Atahsacv said something good. Isn’t it?)

So, who are these rising YouTube stars?

Find it out in my next posting. 

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Citizen journalists report Mumbai attacks


KARLOS RANSA, YouTube Review

As militants took hostages and killed at least 195 people, including 22 foreigners, during a shooting spree in India’s financial capital of Mumbai, citizen journalists provided horrifying accounts of the three-day carnage. 

As mainstream media tried to make sense of the horror that befell Mumbai (formerly Bombay), net citizens broke the news and provided quick updates on the seige. 

US-based Arun Shanbhag, who was just visiting his parents in Mumbai, used Twitter to send micro-blogs. He later wrote a running blog on WordPress, providing blow-by-blow account of the ensuing gunbattle between elite commandos and a small band of determined militants. 

He reported an emotional eyewitness account, telling about a “pool of blood in front of my barber shop.” On seeing the Taj Hotel on fire, he said: “OMG! One of the domes of the Taj is on fire. It is burning like a bonfire! I can actually see the structs/frameworks under the tiles in full blaze. OMG! NO! This can’t be happening!” 

YouTube also began carrying videos, some taken by horrified eyewitnesses while some were recordings from television networks. The video above, uploaded on YouTube by user midday, was taken by an Indian police officer as he was being shot by militants. 

Vinukumar Ranganathan used his Flickr account to upload photographs showing the grisly results of the rampage. 

In the aftermath of the violence, bloggers began to examine its causes and impacts.

Manoj Khatri, in his Mumbai attacks: the lethal combination of business, politic and religion post on WordPress, wrote: 

“The problem is much more complex than apparent. And perhaps the root cause is the lethal combination of business, politics and religion. The financial crises, the terror attacks and lots of other grave issues we face today are the result of these three forces conspiring hand-in-glove. 

“I reckon that the world is a victim of the ‘business of politics’ and the ‘politics of religion.’ Notice that the common thread is politics. Yes, politics is no more than business for our politicians, who leave no prospect of raking in millions. These same politicians also use religion to terrorise the core human spirit. They design dirty divisive strategies just so that they can come to power and then abuse it to their advantage. What is tragic is that people fall victim to the ideologies of political and religious leaders who have nothing but their own self-interest in mind.” 

Another WordPress blogger condemned the attack: 

“We, at Asoka Lifescience Ltd. are deeply aggrieved at the mayhem and manslaughter caused in Mumbai by a handful of gun-toting youth brainwashed and bought into believing that killing people for money, chauvinism, and fake patriotism is justified.” 

Moin Ansari, meanwhile, expressed fears about the impact of the attacks on India’s tourism and business outsourcing sectors. In his blog he wrote:

“The marketing campaign of ‘Incredible India’ is dead…

“The long term economic impact on Mumbai is incalculable. This is huge. Companies that outsource to India and enjoyed themselves in hotels like the Oberoi will rethink their strategies. ‘Incredible India’ and the tourism industry will take a colossal hit. It remains to be seen whether New Delhi can overcome the images streaming out of the financial capital of India.”

Blogger midfield, on the other hand, wondered: ”Could the horrific multiple-target terrorist attacks in India’s financial center Mumbai happen in the Philippines.”

And even as Mumbai authorities declared “all operations are over” and “all terrorists have been killed,” citizen journalists will still continue to stream news, give insights, and write history online.

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