Who the hell is Moymoy Palaboy?

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KARLOS RANSA, YouTube Review

Moymoy what?

“Palaboy,” my brother, as he tries to convince me to see this duo on the web, who is causing a frenzy among net citizens.

“moymoypalaboy. Just one word,” he adds.

A quick search on Google returns 106,000 results!

“No, not on Google. See them on YouTube,” my brother again, a certified YouTube addict who works as some kind of a turtle eggs auditor (or at least that’s my impression as he described to me his international conservation work on Turtle Islands).

Ok. Ok. Hang on.

moymoypalaboy, enter! Oppppps. 1,360 video results!

“Dancing Queen”, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Low”.

I clicked on Alicia Keys’ “No One.” Hmmmm. Hehe! That’s cool.

Okay, let me try this one: “Papa omm mow mow.” It’s a 1962 novelty nonsensical doo-wop song by The Rivingtons. Bwahahahaha!!!

And then “Pump it” of Black Eyed Fish (yes, FISH) and “Wannabe” and “The Ordertaker” … Woooooowww!

So that’s what makes the duo a YouTube sensation.

MoymoyPalaboy — two Filipino siblings belting out song parodies on YouTube. The videos are raw. The setting: an apartment unit where the kitchen and dining area can be seen in the background. Nothing glamorous. Nothing grand.

But there’s something in those amateur videos that compels viewers to click on the next. And the next. And the next…

What could that be? None, really.

Only that they’re just being themselves. And having fun. Lots of fun, actually.

Hey wait, there’s something more. Their talent. Their organic talent. Theirs is a gift — raw but not amateurish, calculated yet not canned.

Everything seems fluid, they flow naturally. And when they do, there’ll be a burst of laughter.

Among their gigs, what really brought the house down is their rendition of “Marimar,” the theme song of a popular Mexican telenovela with the same title. As of this posting, it got 3,818,881 views and 6,208 text comments. And still counting.  

“Marimar” and “Volare” made them a big hit in the Spanish-speaking world, especially in Latin America. In fact, reactions from Spanish viewers outnumbered the comments of MoymoyPalaboy’s legion of Filipino fans.

“Ja ja ja ja… Chidos estos weyes… Por lo menos una canción mexicana es conocida por allá… Me encanta la señora detrás… Seguro después les dijo: ‘ya pónganse a limpiar los frijoles para las quesadillas, que hay que pagar el internet’… Saludos,” says a comment of YouTube viewer Atahsacv.

(I think Atahsacv said something good. Isn’t it?)

So, who are these rising YouTube stars?

Find it out in my next posting. 

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