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David crushed Goliath: Sports analysts provide views on Pacquiao’s win over De la Hoya


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Some sports analysts thought it was going to be a fight between David and Goliath. Lopsided, they opined, believing the smaller Manny Pacquio would yield to the punches of Oscar de la Hoya, an Olympic gold medallist and 10-time world champion. Here pundits share their views on the December 6 bout billed “The Dream Match”: 

De La Hoya-Pacquiao a mismatch? Yes, an unexpected one 

BY Thom Loverro, The Washington Times

What did I tell you? Wasn’t the Oscar De La HoyaManny Pacquiao fight Saturday night a mismatch?

Okay, so I got the mismatch crossed up a little bit. Turns out it was De La Hoya who was mismatched, not the smaller Pacquiao, who gave De La Hoya the worst beating of his career and most likely sent the Golden Boy into retirement. FULL COMMENTARY

Pacquiao packs on the weight and pounds out Oscar

By Dan Rafael,

All good things must come to an end, and now is that time for De La Hoya. Boxing’s Golden Boy has had a Hall of Fame career — 10 world titles in six divisions, and more important, he fought everyone of his time. He delivered entertainment to boxing fans fight after fight and was the economic force of the sport for more than a decade in becoming the all-time pay-per-view champion in terms of overall dollars and buys. There was nothing else in boxing like the electricity of a De La Hoya fight week in Las Vegas. Since the moment he collected his 1992 Olympic gold medal and held aloft both an American and Mexican flag with a tear in his eye as looked skyward in memory of the mother who told him to win the gold on her deathbed, he has been a focal point of the sport. Now the curtain has closed on the era after Pacquiao stunningly administered a beat down of epic proportions. FULL COMMENTARY

Even if Oscar De La Hoya retires, don’t count boxing out

By Bill Dwyre, Los Angeles Times

Some fear the expected loss of its meal-ticket superstar could cripple the sport. Don’t believe it.

Jim Lampley, who makes a considerable portion of his livelihood as the lead boxing broadcaster on HBO shows, expressed that concern late Saturday night.

“Am I going to read Monday that boxing is dead?” he asked.

Not in this space, Jim.

Boxing is its own wonderful traveling circus. Always will be. Only the names and faces of the clowns change. Its dysfunctional nature is its delight. FULL COMMENTARY

Pacquiao’s turn to save boxing 

By Recah Trinidad, Philippine Daily Inquirer

LAS VEGAS—No, he did not effectively slam the door of the Hall of Fame on his career with that tragic foldup.

But a full day after the busted loser was released from the hospital, not a few disappointed fans were wondering if it was indeed Oscar de la Hoya who fought Philippine pride Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand.

The Golden Boy hardly resembled his famous, fabulous self. FULL COMMENTARY  

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