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5 most viewed MoymoyPalaboy videos

YouTube Review

Following are the five most viewed YouTube videos of MoymoyPalaboy as of January 24, 2009, 2343 GMT:

1.     Marimar (Thalía)  5,221,757 views

         Posted: June 16, 2008        

2.     Wannabe (Spice Girls)  4,870,384 views

         Posted: April 9, 2007

3.     Volare  3,783,980 views

         Posted: August 4, 2007

4.     Girlfriend (Avril Lavigne) — 3,495,049 views

         Posted: June 20, 2007

5.     Papa Oom Mow Mow (Flo Rida)  3,193,713 views

         Posted: June 2, 2007                  



MoymoyPalaboy: And who are these two crazy boys?

Who the hell is Moymoy Palaboy?


11 December 2008 at 12:42 pm 3 comments

MoymoyPalaboy: And who are these two crazy boys?


KARLOS RANSA, YouTube Review

The cyber populace is going gaga over a duo that has become known by the moniker “moymoypalaboy”. A search on Google shows their intercontinental appeal — creating waves in their home Asian region, and making ripple effects in Latin America, North America, Europe, and even in Africa.

MoymoyPalaboy is composed of Filipino siblings James Ronald Obeso, a.k.a. Moymoy, and Rodfil Obeso, a.k.a. Roadfill.

Their biggest hit, Spice Girls’ “Wannabe”, has 3,851,882 views as of this posting. And still counting.

Since they uploaded their debut “single” “Dirty Pop” of Nsynch on March 21, 2007, Moymoy and Roadfill have uploaded 21 videos on YouTube.

But a search of moymoypalaboy on the video sharing site shows 1,360 video results. They include versions made by their inspired fans from across the globe and re-uploaded videos by other enchanted YouTube users.

So they must have extraordinary voice?

Naah! All that all that they do actually is lip-synching.

Just lip-synching? What’s the big fuss?

Moymoy and Roadfill are no ordinary duo doing song parodies.

Oh well, they’re ordinary boys doing unordinary musical stunts, to be more accurate.

So who are these two certified “lunatics”?

Moymoy and Roadfill, like many YouTube afficionados, are just uploading videos on YouTube for fun. Their studio? Their house.

They live in an apartment unit along F.B. Harrison St. in Pasay City, in the capital region of Metro Manila. And that’s where all these madness began. 

“Funny”, “hilarious”, “crazy”, “brilliant” are the common reactions of viewers on their gigs. 

Their life story however may not always be as happy as their music videos.

After a long bout with breast cancer, their mother died in 2006. Moymoy and Roadfill are left in the care of their auntie they fondly call “Mama Auntie.” Her unauthorized appearances in almost all videos (mostly seen in the background while in the kitchen cooking and doing other chores) gave “Mama Auntie” her own legion of YouTube fans.

Interviewed later on TV, she said she didn’t even have a slight idea the camphone recordings of her two “crazy” nephews would be seen by millions of net citizens. Had she known it, she would have asked the two boys to expunge them. Tsk, tsk, too late “Mama Auntie.”

Moymoy and Roadfill are no vagabonds as their YouTube name suggests. Palaboy is a Tagalog term for vagrant.

Roadfill, 22, is a graduate of Business Management at the state-run Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP). He now works as sales representative of telecommunication giant Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co.

Moymoy, a broadcasting major in PUP, quit school to work and help his ailing mother. He would later join Passionista, a local band performing in bars and nightclubs in Manila, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. He turned 25 last July 17.

As they became YouTube sensations, the Obeso brothers joined the largest television network in the Philippines, GMA-7, where they appear in weekly sitcom “Bubble Gang” doing what they know best — music parodies. They also signed a contract with MTV Philippines, where they teach bizarre dance steps.

Not much could be heard about the two. Their official website and social networking sites (Facebook, Friendster, Multiply, Myspace) are tight-lipped as fans crave to know more about them.

Meanwhile on YouTube, people from across the globe viewing their uproarious videos are increasing exponentially. And they are begging for more.

30 November 2008 at 6:44 pm 1 comment

10 most viewed videos on YouTube


YouTube Review

Following are the 10 most watched videos (all time favorites) on YouTube as of Friday, 1115 GMT:

1. Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend  108,747,069 views

2. Evolution of Dance 105,538,667 views

3. Chris Brown – With You 78,394,077 views

4. Lo que tú Quieras Oír 77,871,220 views

5. Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love 75,390,017 views

6. Rihanna – Don’t Stop The Music 75,220,821 views

7. Jeff Dunham – Achmed the Dead Te… 74,329,640 views

8. Alicia Keys – No One 70,194,493 views

9. Timbaland – Apologize (feat. One… 69,984,766 views

10. Hahaha 68,012,473 views

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