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Dreaming of Sundance? Join YouTube’s short film contest


ABBI CHENG, YouTube Review 

Good news for all YouTube filmmakers, this could be your chance to shine

The video sharing site has announced Project: Direct, an annual short film competition, which will give you an opportunity to attend next year’s Sundance Film Festival, the largest independent cinema festival in the US.

The contest is open to all YouTube users in the US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Spain, Italy and France, YouTube said on its official blog.

Deadline of submission of entries is on December 14. 

“If you miss the deadline, you could also miss your chance to attend the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and to meet with the festival’s Director of Programming, as well as to see your film screened at a festival event and distributed on DVD to hundreds of industry executives,” said YouTube Film’s Sara P.

”Don’t let this happen! Make a short film, no more than five minutes long, creatively incorporating three props: choose two of those props from a list of 25 made famous by films from the Sundance Film Festival, and your third prop must be a red phone,” said Sara P. 

To see the list of 25 props, visit and select “Choose Props.” 

Youtube users outside the countries mentioned are encouraged to send films to for a chance to be featured on the site. 

7 December 2008 at 3:00 am 1 comment

YouTube goes wider


ABBI CHENG, YouTube Review

And now you can watch your favorite YouTube videos in high-definition wider screen format.

YouTube has announced its page width increase to 960 pixels “to better reflect the quality of the videos you create and the screens that you use to watch them.”

“Over the years we’ve heard a lot of feedback from you about what you’d like to change about YouTube, and the size of our video player is always top of mind,” the Google-owned video-sharing site said on its blog.  

“This new, wider player is in a widescreen aspect ratio which we hope will provide you with a cleaner, more powerful viewing experience. And don’t worry, your 4:3 aspect ratio videos will play just fine in this new player,” it said.

”As always, we welcome your feedback and encourage you to share your thoughts with us on this exciting, new change happening for all videos on YouTube,” it said.

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